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Friday, 03 June 2011 11:15

John Rushton Shoes – a Character, Crockett & Jones, Alfred Sargent, and Cheaney

John Rushton is hands down one of my favorite shops in London.  Just north of Oxford Street, sandwiched between an EAT and a pub on the otherwise-unassuming Wimpole Street, you’ll find an amazing selection of English footwear.

Most of the time you’ll find Mr. Rushton himself presiding over the tables of English Benchmade shoes.  If you asked him what his main attractions are, I think he would tell you it’s his selection of Crockett & Jones, Alfred Sargent, and Cheaney under one roof.  I’m not knocking that at all, but for me the...

biggest attraction is Mr. Rushton himself.  You can find the shoes themselves many places, but there are few places I get as much pleasure from shopping as at John Rushton.  Mr. Rushton and I inevitably get into a conversation about the waning quality of most shoe leather, the differences between English and American shoes, or some other such footwear minutia.  If you really love shoes, this is the place for you. Just watch the John Rushton video and you will believe me.

And, as if that weren’t incentive enough, the Northampton shoemakers bring lots of slight seconds and samples to John Rushton every few weeks to put on offer alongside the standards.    Mr. Rushton sells these at a fairly deep discount, and you can often pick up a pair for between 75 and 125 pounds.  I’m often wary of seconds, but these are of such impeccable quality I don’t hesitate for a second to recommend them.  Mr. Rushton vets them all and any shoes too damaged or imperfect to sell get sent right back.

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