Sunday, April 30, 2017

Herb Lester Associates

Friday, 12 April 2013 11:39

Herb Visits John Rushton Shoes

John Rushton stocks wonderful shoes: sturdy Alfred Sargent brogues, Lormoc penny loafers, Sebago boat shoes, hard-to-find Sanders Playboy chukkas – the style so loved by Steve McQueen – and a range of discounted, end-of-line models from revered Northampton makers. It’s light, clean, well-stocked, and pleasantly laid out, with shoes arranged down either side and on a central display. And best of all, there’s John Rushton himself, who speaks with eloquence and enthusiasm about...

the shoes he sells, but also (and by no means limited to) shoes he has loved and lost, watches, jazz, cars, movies, the Duke of Windsor’s fabulous dress sense (and odious personality), the virtues of LL Bean, working with Joseph Losey, Pendleton shirts, rugby, and the benefits of brightly coloured luggage.

It is stating the obvious to wish there were more shops like this; we're just delighted that there's even one.


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