Sunday, April 30, 2017


Times Magazine

Mr Rushton is an amiable acquaintance of more than a decade.  I have lost count of the number of pairs of shoes I have bought from him and  the number of what can be called pedal tutorials I have received from him.  This is a man who can recognise a pair of Heschung hunting shoes from, oh, 50 metres; who knows that the style called Gibson in Britain is called Derby in France and Blucher in America; who when I went into his Wimpole Street shop last week was wearing brown Alonquins, narrow-bottomed, cuffed grey flannels, a grey V- neck, a gunmetal faced 1961 Rolex, blue gingham shirt and a military moustache.  Indeed, he does have about him the air of a dandiacal ex-officer.

Written by Jonathan Meades

Gear Magazine

“The next time you are in London’s West End, cut behind busy Oxford Street and head for Wimpole Street, behind House of Fraser, and at No. 93 you will find John Rushton’s eponymous shoe emporium.  Rushton specialises in beautiful hand-crafted shoes for discerning types at very affordable prices.  Gear suggests you drop in, get shod for winter and spring, and enjoy discussing classic cars with the entirely congenial proprietor.”


Time Out – Our Favourite Shops

A shoe shop for the modern gentleman about town, John Rushton on Wimpole Street offers St James’s class without the full expense.  Knowledgeable staff are happy to discuss the minutiae  of different styles and regular customers , some who have known the eponymous John Rushton personally for 20 years, create a club-like atmosphere.  While not as famous as Church’s or Trickers they’re by no means inferior.  A long time secret of officers, lawyers and dandies, the shop also has an excellent shoe rpair service, and is always happy to offer shoe-care advice such as which cream or wax is best.

Written by Alfred Tong